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  • It is, the game starts with Half Life 3 being released xD

  • I know right, it'd be weird to see him play this

  • Basic info- GabeN: The Final Decision is a fairly new RPG that came out on Steam in September 2015. The game was apparently made by a middle school kid, and isn't that bad of a game, but only because the person that made it is like 12. I'm quite surprised the game got onto Steam in the first place, and just a little note, there are a TON of jokes in this game. Like a TON. Even the price of this game, $3 is based on the Illuminati. The game itself revolves around Gabe Newell, who if you didn't al…

  • There is this new freaking game on Steam that somehow got onto Steam. Game's not that bad, (ok maybe) but it's worth a shot at trying. Honestly though there are so many jokes it actually hurts. If you want to try it out, search like Gaben the Game or GabeN: The Final Decision on Google, or just click the link. I don't understand how Gabe Newell even approved this. And it's $3.... The jokes hurt Proof: PS: Apparently a 12 year old made this. :O If a 12 year old …