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  • Quote from CaptainCommanderFag: “Are we allowed to swear or express opinions or has it become North Korea soz I mean "(["Democratic"]) Peoples Republic Of Korea" Can you link me to a rule page please mate, new to this website and (no defence m8 but the website looks like my nan on the toilet)” Hehee, if you don't like the background thats why they're styles, I suggest Diamond. Rules:

  • I wouldn't say that if I were you, (she's our superior) Just saying I wasn't apart of this ma'am, move along now... please >.>

  • There's styles? Ooo, I've better get on that! Edit: I'm going with the crowd and picking diamond, also I've found out how to get a signature! 8D

  • Nightmare Overdose

    Dah Poods Monsta - - Content Creation


    Haha, I've just joined this site, and I've seen so much, "Felix this, Pewds that." Oh god it hurts

  • 31,970,288 Subscribers!!!!

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    Quote from yerboi: “Quote from CheesyRush: “but its because you are unique in what you do!” Or at least used to, I stopped watching him after around the start of 2014. His videos just seem unfunny, and its like watching vanossgaming or some minecraft lets player a 1000 times over. That's because he does everything everyone else is doing.. Why did he get so many subscribers? 2012 Hilarious horror game videos, Now? Crappy flash games.. It's quite sad to watch him now” Time to go to nerdcubed!