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  • Seems like It's been 4 days since they appeared: ImageProxy and looks like youtube did nothing (and still is doing nothing) to prevent this, or delete these accounts... so.. yeah.. "Nothing to worry about" Edit: (The channel shown in the image has lesser subs than others)

  • Ok. so I just went into Youtube to check a pewdiepie video and found this: ImageProxy Seems like someone is making bots, and re-uploading/redirecting Pewd's videos. At first I said: "well, they can't have all his videos, can't they?", surprisingly, I found that THEY HAVE MORE THAN 190 VIDEOS EACH. This is getting outta control, and what is even worse, people are falling for that, since they're commenting, subscribing, and maybe clicking on other links. I don't feel like I am a big part of this c…

  • Quote from Mystery: “ Kirby's Gourmet Race is what you are looking for. ” omfg; thanks you so much. I knew I've heard it somewhere else and couldn't figure it out.


    Naza Dusserre - - Videos


    I want to know the Music at 5:00 It's so catchy, and can't stop singing :l