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  • @Pugtato @MaStrBankr @BlankSparrow @ryleew @Coplmun @hannahbanana @Ghina @NekoMadness @kirinbeer @Daylightgoodbye @TauriUS @Ale7 You all added me, so i have added every single one of you, thanks bros

  • Hey ya bros, greetings from Finland! i would appreciate if you could add me as a friend in the game In-game name: Bodybuilt I'll add everyone in this thread and will like your post also as an indicator that i have added you! Please like this comment too if you've added me as a friend :3 Let's have amazing time in-game, i'll be sending gifts, hope to make some friends aswell send some pictures of your rooms c: Here is picture proof that i've added you all Imgur: The most awesome images on the Int…